Trauma Informed  Body-work
Welcome to your peaceful place of refuge!
Welcome to your peaceful place of refuge!

Despite the reality that we all carry pain and suffering in many different ways, the truth is, our body is doing everything it can to protect us from the things life throws our way.

When we find a warm, secure and safe environment, something amazing happens. We find a way to dissolve our fears and challenges in a way that facilitates an opportunity to acknowledge, accept and release what no longer serves us as we continue to grow & heal on this life journey.

Movement is life, touch is life. Safe, positive, nurturing, therapeutic touch blended with gentle movement and guided breathe can help us move past old traumas, and re-establish a trusting relationship with touch. Each session provides a safe place for a person to fully relax, put their guard down, and access the restorative reserve of their parasympathathetic nervous system. This can be a catalyst and transformative for further healing. 

I invite you to join me for an hour of safe, positive, nurturing, therapeutic touch blended with gentle movement, restorative yoga poses, guided breathe and trauma informed touch.

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With careful consideration of words, permission, and personal space a trauma informed class removes potential abrasiveness that would otherwise put a person on high alert and replaces it with soft lights, healing music and support. 


Jessa is mindful of potential trauma triggers because she wants her clients to feel comfortable, safe and calm during a session. 


Each class begins with a short guidance of what you’ll be doing in class, offering you the choice to follow along in guided meditation and breathe-work, while being guided into different healing restorative yoga poses where gentle healing touch may be offered. Jessa uses compassionate, non-judgemental language, and asks you to raise your hand quietly if you are not comfortant with being touched. 


Come experience a healing session today!

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