Trauma Informed Sessions

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Safe, positive, nurturing, therapeutic touch blended with gentle movement and guided breathe can help you re-establish a trusting relationship with touch and your body.

This is your healing place

Trauma informed bodywork works to integrate the pieces back together again. It provides a slow, safe application of therapeutic touch that helps bring you back into your body.

It’s a simple approach for working with women who’ve forgotten what it means to be in the present moment; women who have forgotten what it feels like to “feel.” They numb out their joy, their capacity to feel alive and their ability to feel safe in the world. 

So you feel better.
So you move better.
So you live better.

You Are Safe Here

It may be nothing more than a simple holding of a spot or muscle. 

It may be no touch at all, or a slow touch. An entire session of safe trauma informed bodywork might focus exclusively on how you feel in your body, or just helping you learn how to rest long enough to feel anything at all. 

Come Home To Your Body

With careful consideration of words, permission, and personal space a trauma informed session removes potential abrasiveness that would otherwise put a person on high alert and replaces it with soft lights, healing music and support. 

Safety Matters

Trauma informed bodywork can be integrated into any bodywork or coaching session. Please discuss with your Massage Therapist/Coach during your first session, or anytime something comes up during or after a session.

Feel Better – Live Better – Be Better

Your massage therapist/coach is not a Doctor or Mental Health professional and does not treat the specific trauma or traumas; trauma informed means we have the training and awareness of how trauma impacts all aspects of life. It is more of an approach than a specific therapy. This method can be used in any settings without directly discussing your trauma. One of the main goals is to avoid re-traumatizing

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