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I believe everyBODY should have access to self-care. I offer a sliding fee scale for women in my community who otherwise would not have access to self care.

The Women paying at the higher end of the scale make it possible for others to be able to afford the lower end of the scale. Thank you to our community for supporting me on this endeavor! You are the ones who make it possible for me to continue offering this service. 

We are giving another woman in need the opportunity to feel empowered and helping them feel better! 

How Does a Sliding Scale Work?

Place your hand on your heart and feel into your body. From this place, pay what you can afford using the sliding fee scale listed at the bottom of this page.

We offer a suggested guideline on our pricing structure, and have a box in the treatment room to place the cash at the time of service instead of handing the cash directly to me and feeling guilty.

I want to avoid any feelings of guilt and instead have you walking away with a heart full of gratitude for the services you received. Please note that the pay what you can option is a “cash” only donation. 

What Should I Pay?

The reality is, as a healer I am exchanging energy in order to help you feel better. I want you to pay what you can from an open, honest place and integrity, meaning don’t pay a low amount and then go get your nails or hair done and post it all over facebook.

This isn’t fair to me and the time I give back to helping our community.

Always choose your amount from a heart centered space, and what you can truly afford.

Do NOT use this service if you have the cash to go pay full price for hair, nails and lashes.

This takes away from the time and energy that I have given to offer my heart, energy and love into your session. 

How Can The Community Help?

I keep the pay what you can box in my treatment room and you are welcome to donate cash during your session with me.

I consider the donation box my “gratitude box” and feel very blessed when I count what’s in the box at the end of every month.. It makes my heart happy to serve my community.

I was a young, single mom who could not afford the luxury of self-care. I give back because I’ve been there and understand what it’s like. I believe we can heal our community one woman at a time and take pride in how I contribute.

I am always blessed by the community and higher priced clients who find creative ways to help Brightlife give back. Your donations, whether cash, check, or gifts of some kind are always welcome.

Thank you for the gifts I also receive in the mail towards these beautiful sessions!!!! And a big shout out to the higher paying clients that are always adding extra to this box! 

How Do I Schedule?

Use the contact form or text me. Let me know which session you want and that you would like to use the Pay what you can option. That’s it. No questions asked. I trust that each and every woman using this option will give back in some way to our community when she is financially able and pay it forward. 

Paying it forward, one woman at a time…

Sliding Scale

Stress be gone:

60 min $40-$89

 75 min $50-$99

90 min $69-$109


75 min $50- $99

90 min $69-$109

Mindful Massage

90 min $79-$109

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