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I’m so glad you made it here! Do you know what happens when you book a session with Brightlife? You are scheduling time for your own emotional health and wellness. To be deeply cared for. To be deeply understood. 

To heal.

To relax.

To restore.

To find balance.

Life doesn’t have to be a constant struggle. 

we approach the body’s emotions and mental state with mindfulness and compassion to create a safe space where you can fully let go and relax in order to release the emotional stress held in the body. 

Create more freedom and joy in your life for a healither, happier you!

Brightlife understands the impact of emotional pain on your daily life. Our experienced Body-mind practitioner specialize in helping women like you who struggle with emotional and physical pain relief.
We are dedicated to providing a safe and inviting space where you can find deep rest, balance, and connection with your true self.

Session Types:

Stress Be Gone – Bodywork Session

60 min-$89/ 75 min-$99/ 90 min $109
Leave behind the everyday stress & overwhelm from an overbooked schedule. This session is about relieving tension with a smarter not harder approach to calming the flare up of tension &  stress in your body.
Designed to nourish your muscles while inducing a deep relaxation to quiet the mind & get you in touch with your deeper rhythms as deeply held layers of tension & stress melt away, all while laying on top of an infrared Bio mat filled with amethyst crystals.
Included: Hot Stones, Steamed Towels, Essential Oils, CBD & Pain Cream, Spot Cupping (light or medium pressure) This session is great if you only want the bodywork. 

Transcend- Energy Healing + Bodywork

75 min-$99/ 90 min-$109

Your session begins with your mind focused inward using a combination of guided meditation alongside reiki/energy healing. 
Once you are completely relaxed and at ease, your session moves into a grounding back massage to help melt away all the stress and tension in your body.
The peace and tranquility continue as your mind drifts off with healing music and the soothing sound of singing bowls, alongside a slow, deep balancing massage, to allow for deep rest, balance, and healing. 
Included: Hot Stones, Steamed Towels, Essential Oils, CBD & Pain Cream, (light or medium pressure)

Mindful Massage – Bodymind Coaching + Breath work + Bodywork

90 min to 2 hrs $129

First, we’ll discuss your reason for being here and your intention for the session. We’ll address your areas of tension, stress, and any curiosities you’d like to explore.
Next, your session will start with focused breathing and grounding exercises to shift your focus from your mind to your body. Gentle rocking or compressions will further facilitate relaxation. I’ll guide you to set an intention and use it as your focal point, alongside your breath, to keep you present in your body throughout the session. Your main tools will be using your breath to calm your body and mind, and your voice to express any emotions or sensations that arise, allowing your body to intuitively heal as needed.
Sometimes, it’s not only about releasing; it may involve witnessing what arises and holding space for it. This could mean experiencing deep rest, allowing the nervous system to calm, reset, and restore. At times, emotions may surface—whether it’s sadness, anger, or fear—and we can work together to integrate and release what isn’t serving you. Sometimes, you may prefer a massage without delving into emotional aspects, and that’s perfectly fine. I tailor each session to meet you where you are, allowing you to lead. It’s your session, your body, your time.
Included: Hot Stones, Steamed Towels, Essential Oils, CBD & Pain Cream, (light or medium pressure) 

Are you ready to schedule?

Brightlife is by appointment only and has a limited amount of slots each week. Please use the contact form to request a session. Include the following information: Session interested in booking, days and times you are available and your phone number.

Trauma Informed 

Safe, positive, nurturing, therapeutic touch blended with gentle movement and guided breathwork can help us move past old traumas, and re-establish a trusting relationship with touch

Each session provides a safe place for a person to fully relax, put their guard down, and access the restorative reserve of their parasympathetic nervous system.

Not sure which session is best for you? 

Let’s jump on a 30 Min call where we can chat about your goals for emotional health & wellness, stress, and the tension you are feeling in your body.
let’s discuss which session would better suite your needs and support your healing. Brightlife recognizes that everyBODY is unique, and each of our clients has a different goal for self-care. Each session is created around your unique individuals needs. I would love to jump on a call with you, get to know you and see how Brightlife can help.

Body-Mind Coaching 

I understand that life can sometimes be hard, and that sometimes we all need a little support. I provide women with a bodymind approach to improve emotional & mental health in order to help you live your best life.

Most women will experience difficulties with their mental health at some point in their lives and everyone can benefit from support to become their best selves.

Bodymind Coaching bridges the gap. The gap between the stress that you’re feeling and the healing that is possible. The gap between overwhelm and calm. The gap between feeling burnout and setting boundaries for your own self-care.  

Brightlife Massage & Wellness is located in the heart of Loveland Colorado, less than 4 min from downtown, and a few blocks north of Eisenhower/Highway 34. Easy access with private parking away from the downtown traffic.

Text/ call 970.286.8321 with any questions and to schedule your session or use the contact form. 

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