Rest & Restore- 60 min


Therapeutic Bodywork- Meditation Music – Hot Stones, Steamed Towels – Natural Pain Cream- Infrared Bio Mat and Essential Oils


Imagine drifting off into a soothing, peaceful state where you leave behind the everyday stress, overwhelm, and noise from an overbooked schedule. Warm candlelight and soft healing music soothe your senses. Slow, rhythmic flowing massage designed to nourish your muscles while inducing a magical state of deep relaxation to quiet the mind and balance the nervous system as deeply held layers of tension and stress melt away under the gentle hands of your therapist, all while laying on top of an infrared Bio mat filled with amethyst crystals.

Included: Hot Stones, Steamed Towels, Essential Oils, CBD & Pain Cream, Spot Cupping (light or medium pressure) 


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