Mindful Massage


– Mini Body-mind coaching session – Guided Breathwork & Intention – Hands on energy healing– Bodywork – 90 min to 2 hours session depending on what comes up



First, we’ll discuss your reason for being here and your intention for the session. We’ll address your areas of tension, stress, and any curiosities you’d like to explore.

Next, your session will start with focused breathing and grounding exercises to shift your focus from your mind to your body. Gentle rocking or compressions will further facilitate relaxation. I’ll guide you to set an intention and use it as your focal point, alongside your breath, to keep you present in your body throughout the session. Your main tools will be using your breath to calm your body and mind, and your voice to express any emotions or sensations that arise, allowing your body to intuitively heal as needed.

Sometimes, it’s not only about releasing; it may involve witnessing what arises and holding space for it. This could mean experiencing deep rest, allowing the nervous system to calm, reset, and restore. At times, emotions may surface—whether it’s sadness, anger, or fear—and we can work together to integrate and release what isn’t serving you. Sometimes, you may prefer a massage without delving into emotional aspects, and that’s perfectly fine. I tailor each session to meet you where you are, allowing you to lead. It’s your session, your body, your time.


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