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Hi, I’m Jessa Johnson
- Massage Therapist, Mind-body Coach, and Spirit Junkie
- Massage Therapist, Mind-body Coach, and Spirit Junkie

I help woman who suffer from depression, anxiety, chronic stress and trauma, break the cycle of their pain by implementing movement, touch and meditations to create a pathway of healing.

I had two traumatic events in my life. The 1st one was leaving a abusive relationship of 12 years. Fearing for my life I had to leave everything behind ( my house, all my stuff) and start over in Colorado with my 3 children. 12 years of abuse does a lot to the mind.

I felt so alone, lost and defeated. Depression, anxiety and stress started to consume my life. This was a really a dark time for me and I struggled to keep my head above water. As a busy mom, I often felt like I was wearing a mask to hide my inner turmoil and pain. A lot of my time was spent in the bathroom crying only to wash my face, put on my smile and continue on my day as if everything was ok.

This was the 1st step of healing. Here I learned about meditations, calming the mind and healing through nature. Eventually training with Gabby Bernstein and becoming a life coach for other woman who suffered abuse.

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In 2017 I decided to add massage therapy to my 2018, 8 weeks before graduation, I was hit by a drunk driver. This accident changed my life. I struggled with a concussion and whiplash. I stopped sleeping, literally. I did not know it was even possible to go days without sleep. This made bundled together with the other symptoms of a concussion and chronic pain brought me to a very dark place.

I really struggled to find the healing I needed to not only heal my physical pain, but my emotional pain as well. I found it difficult to talk about what I was going through and feeling. It seemed all jibberish and didn’t make sense to me, let alone the people closest to me. My mind would literally shut down with any stress. I would forget words, cry at the drop of a hat and become so emotionally exhausted I wouldn’t be able to function.

My mind would literally shut down with any stress. I would forget words, cry at the drop of a hat and become so emotionally exhausted I wouldnt be able to function. I finally found the relief and healing my body needed through a series of relaxing yoga poses where I was finally able to relax, calm my mind and connect with my body. This is where my healing truly began! I found that by holding certain poses for a longer time period allowing me to be in my body helped me to start heal the trauma from the car accident. Sometimes I would lay in class crying in the same position while the rest of the class kept going.

Because of my own experiences, I can help you find balance, release stress, and help reduce symptoms that come with stress, depression, anxiety and trauma..Learn to be still, be present and be in your body to create a powerful connection in mind, body and spirit to create a powerful healing path where the body can learn to relax, let go and begin the healing process.

work with me

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