The Calm Method
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Find the relief and healing your body needs through a series of relaxing yoga poses, therapeutic touch, and guided breath-work where you can relax, calm your mind and connect with your body. This is where your healing truly begins!

C – Calm 

A- Align 

L- Listen 

M- Meditate


In this class, we slow it down by dropping into the body, mind, and spirit. Through slow and fluid practices, breath-work, and meditation, we give ourselves time and space to replenish our nervous system, calm the mind, and cultivate healing.


Restorative – Balance & Surrender

In this slow practice, we cultivate sustainability in the body by finding spaces between calm and surrender. A simple practice that gives us permission to arrive into stillness. Letting our bodies slow down and rest as we move from effort to surrender with our intention in mind. Through gentle restorative yoga poses we’ll create a sense of emptying to allow us to return to our natural state of being. 

Nourishing – Unwind & Replenish

Designed to rebalance. Take the time to relieve tension, soften inward, slow down and replenidh the nervous system and allow a sense of ease throughout the mind & body. We’ll explore conscious relaxation and what it is to cultivate a deep, inner stillness. Through this stillness, we have the opportunity to deepen our understanding of who we are.

Deep Rest – Surrender

A deep restorative and meditative session to cultivate rest and ease in the nervous system and mind. This simple practice offers an opportunity to simply rest back with support and take a deep dive inward as the message therapist walks around the room offering mindful touch to each person

Each session will focus on guided breath-work, and mind body connection to bring awareness to your body by moving you through some gentle restorative yoga stretches that are combined with gentle therapeutic massage.



Sessions are held in small, fully clothed groups in a safe, calm, healing environment where you are guided to be still, be present and be in your body to create a powerful connection in mind, body and spirit to create a powerful healing path where the body can learn to relax, let go and begin the healing process. Each session will focus on guided breath-work, and mind-body connection to bring awareness to your body by moving you through gentle restorative yoga poses that are combined with gentle therapeutic touch. 




Living in grace means we’re in a state of flow, ease, and presence even when chaos surrounds us.

The mind-body connection is critical to maintaining positive mental health. I will help you find balance, release stress,
and help reduce symptoms that come with depression, anxiety and chronic stress.


A balanced nervous system can change the patterns in the body, help release old patterns and stuck emotions to encourage healing. This is why I am in LOVE with my new Calm Method. I finally have a way to combine all three ( mind, body and spirit) into my healing sessions to promote overall health for those who suffer from depression, anxiety, stress and trauma.

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