Bodywork For

Emotional Balance

Relieving stress & anxiety 

in your body and creating

more ease, joy and happiness

in your life. 

Come home to your body 

Bodywork is more than an occasional luxury, it is an important part of your regular self care routine. As women, we push our bodies both emotionally and physically everyday and put everyone else’s needs before our own. And more often than not, we forget to fill our own cup first. With Brightlife, YOUR needs come first. 

Being a woman can be selfless, and extremely demanding. You are often balancing the weight of being a multitasker: working full time while remaining the primary caretaker in the household. 

By putting yourself first, you are able to refill your cup so that you can live to your highest potential as a mom, wife, business partner and most importantly as a woman in your community.   


Signature  Sessions:

#1 – Stress Be Gone  ( Hot stones & deep relaxation)

Perfect length to focus on one area of tension & provide a relaxing session to the rest of the body.

Leave behind the everyday stress & overwhelm from an overbooked schedule. This session is about relieving tension with a smarter not harder approach to calming the flare up of tension & stress in your body. Designed to nourish your muscles while inducing a deep relaxation to quiet the mind & get you in touch with your deeper rhythms as deeply held layers of tension & stress melt away

(90 min or 2 hour) 

Included: Hot stones, steamed towels, infrared bio mat, essential oils, spot CBD or muscle cream

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#2- Rest & Rejuvenate ( CBD, cupping & massage)

After a long day stressful week, there’s nothing like a nice, relaxing massage, especially when you add CBD to the equation. Our lavender, CBD-infused creams will unwind deeply held tension by allowing the opportunity to release and let go of unnecessary pain and stress. This is for you if you like the benefits of deep pressure sessions without the pain. My soothing techniques and cupping help encourage the release of tension and stress without adding the unnecessary trauma of deep therapy. (90 min or 2-hour) 

Included: Hot stones, steamed towels, infrared bio mat, essential oils, spot CBD or muscle cream

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#3- Total Reset (Energy Healing, breath work & massage)

Total reset of mind, body and spirit. Your session begins with your mind focused inward through a combination of guided meditation alongside hands on energy healing. Once you are completely relaxed and at ease, your session moves into a hot stone grounding back massage to help melt away all the stress and tension in your body. The peace and tranquility continue as your mind drifts off with healing music and soothing sound of singing bowls, alongside a slow, deep balancing massage, to allow for deep rest, balance, and healing.      (90 min or 2-hour) 

Included: Hot stones, steamed towels, infrared bio mat, essential oils, spot CBD or muscle cream.

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Trauma Informed Sessions

Safe, positive, nurturing, therapeutic touch blended with gentle movement and guided breathe can help us move past old traumas, and re-establish a trusting relationship with touch. Each session provides a safe place for a person to fully relax, put their guard down, and access the restorative reserve of their parasympathetic nervous system.

Brightlife is committed to helping women with their entire well-being ~ BODY, MIND & SOUL. We know that what’s happening on the inside has an impact on what’s happening on the outside. With this understanding, we offer a combination of different forms of therapeutic bodywork as well as body-mind coaching to help you listen to the messages from your body, what it needs, and to help support you in taking aligned action toward your goals to living a healthier, happier life.

There is so much more to bodywork than just a massage, which is why energy work, coaching and other holistic modalities can be offered individually, or together to form a transformational wellness program for lasting change. 

Self Care And Wellness Programs:

All new clients must start here !! 

Brightlife recognizes that everyBODY is unique, and each of our clients has a different goal for selfcare. Let’s create a custom plan to help achieve your goals for emotional health & wellness using your current concerns, struggles, and long-term goals. We break down what’s currently not working in your life so that we can create a plan that works! You will walk away with something you can use right away.

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Brightlife has a pay-what-you-can day each month for women in our community who are in abusive situations, a single mom, homeless shelter, or simply in a financial bind. Please email if you are in need of scheduling an appointment.

Want to give back to your community? Help Brightlife reach more women by purchasing a session for women in our community who does not have access to self-care. 

This is your healing place, to let go and release the buildup of overwhelm and stress. A place for you to hit the reset button. Begin taking care of yourself and your needs with one of our healing sessions to heal, relax, restore and find balance in your everyday life. 


Feel better.

Live better.

Be better.

Probably the best massage I have had. She uses all different methods. Hot stones, hot towels, etc. I will definitely recommend and come back!

– Amie B.

I haven’t been that mentally checked out in MONTHS! Your energy is so calming my ongoing anxiety went right out the window! Can’t want to go back next month.

– Christina V.

Stop looking for a massage therapist! This is the one!! By far the best massages I have ever had. Cupping along with other methods have improved Sciatic nerve pain along with neck and shoulder knots. I have never felt so relaxed during a massage but also works to heal my target spots. Amazing.

– Kolie P.

Finding balance in emotional health and wellness for women in Northern Colorado since 2012. 


(970) 286-8321


I am not a therapist, doctor or medical professional and should NOT replace any professional help or medication. I am here to help guide and support you on your day to day journey along with any professional help. I advise you to always ask your doctor or therapist before adding anything new into your healing program that has been put in place by professionals in the medical field.

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