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Brightlife takes you on a journey into a  deep place of rest, restoring the nervous system, so it can begin to calm down and assist in the massage process so that punishing deep tissue work is never necessary to create an effective outcome.
We believe that Body, Mind & Spirit are inseparable. They are who we are, how we think and feel, and how we express ourselves in this world.

Our culture tends to be so engrossed in the application of intensity, like deep pressure massage and challenging yoga postures, and workouts that deplete the body that we overlook the therapeutic benefits of quieter, gentler restorative sessions, and a relaxing, light/med therapeutic bodywork session. 

Through energy healing, deep breathing techniques, and safe, healing touch the body is guided to calm the nervous system, change patterns in the body, release stuck emotions, and restore balance to heal the mind-body connection.
  • License Massage Therapist 100% 100%
  • Breathwork, Mediation & Mindfulness Certification 95% 95%
  • Trauma Informed Training 85% 85%
  • Reiki & Energy Healer 97% 97%
Hi, I’m Jessa

Bodyworker + energy Healer + somatic breathwork + mindfulness & meditation + Bodymind coach + trauma informed = powerful healing sessions

I help women find emotional balance and freedom from anxiety & stress so that they can embrace their life from a calm, balanced and grounded perspective.
My personal journey with anxiety, depression, and trauma has equipped me with a deep understanding of the challenges you may be facing.
I’ve experienced firsthand the transformative power of overcoming these symptoms, and I am passionate about guiding others on their own path to healing.
I believe that everyone’s journey is unique, and I’m here to support you in finding the approach that resonates with your needs and truth.
Drawing from my own experiences, I offer a compassionate and empathetic approach to help you navigate through your own healing process. Together, we will explore different modalities and techniques that have worked for me and many others. 
If you are struggling physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually, we invite you to come rest with us, relax your tired body, and remember what matters – what you stand for.
I am certified in  Massage Therapy, Restorative Yoga, Yomassage, Trauma, Somatic Breath work and continues to educate myself so that I can support my clients with as many tools as possible on their healing journey. 

Brightlife is committed to helping women with their entire well-being ~ BODY, MIND & SOUL~ …. We know that what’s happening on the inside has an impact on what’s happening on the outside. With this understanding, we offer a combination of different forms of therapeutic bodywork as well as body-mind coaching to help you listen to the messages from your body, what it needs, and to help support you in taking aligned action toward your goals to living a healthier, happier life.

There is so much more to bodywork than just a massage, which is why energy work, coaching and other holistic modalities can be offered individually, or together to form a transformational wellness program for lasting change. 

What People Say

Stop looking for a massage therapist! This is the one!! By far the best massages I have ever had. Cupping along with other methods have improved Sciatic nerve pain along with neck and shoulder knots. I have never felt so relaxed during a massage but also works to heal my target spots. Amazing.

– Kolie P.

Probably the best massage I have had. She uses all different methods. Hot stones, hot towels, etc. I will definitely recommend and come back!

– Amie B.

I haven’t been that mentally checked out in MONTHS! Your energy is so calming my ongoing anxiety went right out the window! Can’t want to go back next month.

– Christina V.

Brightlife Massage & Wellness is located in the heart of Loveland Colorado, less than 4 min from downtown, and a few blocks north of Eisenhower/Highway 34. Easy access with private parking away from the downtown traffic.

Text/ call 970.286.8321 with any questions and to schedule your session!

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