A body-mind approach to support women in Northern Colorado in healing physically, emotionally, and mentally. 


I’m so glad you made it here! Do you know what happens when you book a session with Brightlife? You are scheduling time for your own emotional health and wellness. To be deeply cared for. To be deeply understood. 

To heal.

To relax.

To restore.

To find balance.

Life doesn’t have to be a constant struggle. If you’re feeling emotionally exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed, and tired of feeling that deep empty sadness.


This is your healing place…


There is a form of healing that takes place during your session. You begin to let go. You begin to release the build up of overwhelm & stress. You begin to deeply relax & release chronic tension in your body. You start to find freedom in your emotional well-being and health.


If you could hit the reset button on your body & mind, this is it. Now is the time!

If you could turn the dial down on your symptoms related to stress, anxiety, or depression, this is a catalyst.

If you could simply take 60 to 90 min. out of your week to make time for your self-care, for you, for your own wellness, you would

have no regrets.

No matter the reason, you found me. I am here to ease your pain and to remind you of one very important thing….. You Matter! 

Take my hand and let’s walk this journey 


Our Services

The Calm Method:

Find the relief and healing your body needs through a series of relaxing yoga poses, therapeutic touch, and guided breath-work where you can relax, calm your mind and connect with your body. This is where your healing truly begins.

Coming Soon! 

Massage & Bodywork

Massage & Bodywork is an important piece of self-care, especially for women who suffer from overwhelm, chronic stress, and anxiety. 

Stress alone can take a major toll on the body and cause it to go into overload causing many symptoms such as issues sleeping, low concentration, headaches, body aches (especially in neck and shoulders) short tempered or less able to handle stress. 
Bottom line is when you suffer, your loved ones suffer and while traditional massage therapy focuses on the muscle, injuries, and muscle pain, Brightlife offers Body-mind sessions for taking control of your emotional health and well-being through the art of slowing down, stillness and the breath.  We have three signature sessions to choose from depending on your needs.


Body-mind Coaching Programs: 

At Brightlife, we understand that life can sometimes be hard, and that sometimes we all need a little support. We provide women with a bodymind approach to improve emotional & mental health in order to help you live your best life.

Most women will experience difficulties with their mental health at some point in their lives and everyone can benefit from support to become their best selves.

Bodymind Coaching bridges the gap. The gap between the stress that you’re feeling and the healing that is possible. The gap between overwhelm and calm. The gap between feeling burnout and setting boundaries for your own self-care.  


Renew (Self-care & Wellness Programs)

We recognize that everyBODY is unique, and each of our clients has a different goal for health, wellness, and self-care. We work with you to create a custom program to help you achieve your goals for emotional, physical, and mental health and wellness. Fully customized programs to hold space for you to begin your self-care journey in a safe, and non-invasive space. 

Our goal at Brightlife is to have you involved every step of the way so that you able to gain the confidence and resources needed

Coming Soon!

Feel better.

Live better.

Be better.

Upcoming Movement Classes

Movement Classes

 Coming Soon!!!

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Probably the best massage I have had. She uses all different methods. Hot stones, hot towels, etc. I will definitely recommend and come back!

– Amie B.

I haven’t been that mentally checked out in MONTHS! Your energy is so calming my ongoing anxiety went right out the window! Can’t want to go back next month.

– Christina V.

Stop looking for a massage therapist! This is the one!! By far the best massages I have ever had. Cupping along with other methods have improved Sciatic nerve pain along with neck and shoulder knots. I have never felt so relaxed during a massage but also works to heal my target spots. Amazing.

– Kolie P.

Finding balance in emotional health and wellness for women in Northern Colorado since 2012. 


(970) 286-8321


I am not a therapist, doctor or medical professional and should NOT replace any professional help or medication. I am here to help guide and support you on your day to day journey along with any professional help. I advise you to always ask your doctor or therapist before adding anything new into your healing program that has been put in place by professionals in the medical field.

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